Environmental Action Civics:

A Transformative Approach

Your goals are our goals.

Unlock your stewardship aspirations with Environmental Action Civics.

Maximize Impact

If you’re looking to elevate your institution’s focus on environmental literacy, civics, conservation, youth engagement, or education equity, Environmental Action Civics can be a catalyst for profound systemic change.

Integrate, Don't Complicate

We can help you integrate Environmental Action Civics at any scale. Whether you are a school district looking to advance ELIT in every 6th grade class or a professional network looking to develop member skills in authentic youth engagement, Environmental Action Civics gives you an advantage. Our approach seamlessly blends with your existing framework, enriching what you are doing rather than adding work.

Scalable and Measurable

With three decades of expertise in data-driven insights, our equity-focused assessment tools and metrics precisely track and enhance outcomes. Using our tools, institutions can demonstrate tangible results to clients, funders, and your community, demonstrating your dedication to environmental learning, equity, and civic engagement.

Partner with a Human-First Think Tank

By working with Earth Force to infuse Environmental Action Civics, institutions can unlock new opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and meaningful engagement. We believe that the greatest advances are achieved by working together. So, we join forces with partners across many fields to incorporate a broad spectrum of ideas. Together, we can cultivate a generation of environmentally literate, civically engaged citizens who are equipped to tackle the complex challenges of the 21st century.

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Our training programs are part of ee360+, an ambitious five-year initiative that supports a diverse cadre of environmental education leaders to increase environmental literacy for everyone, everywhere. NAAEE leads the initiative through a cooperative agreement with U.S. EPA and seven partner organizations including Earth Force.

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