Support Environmental Action Civics

Build a new generation of decision-makers.

We are a passionate community committed to ensuring young people are part of local environmental decision-making.

As a community-driven organization, we welcome your help!

Ways to support Environmental Action Civics

  • Become a Donor

    Financial support for Earth Force provides resources for staff and our community of educators to spread Environmental Action Civics.

  • Join our Board or Committees

    Be a visionary to guide Earth Force through developing policies and procedures to achieve our goals.

  • Spread the Word

    Share Earth Force stories through social media to raise awareness

  • Be an ambassador

    Assist with outreach in your community or network - help us spread the word!

  • Speak at a workshop or panel

    Share your passion and expertise with our community!

I really enjoy engaging with young people and I believe it's important for youth to see diverse leadership in the environmental field.

Volunteering is an opportunity to reengage with young people, reengage as an educator, and apply the knowledge and skills from my own professional journey to support meaningful, action oriented, and place-based projects for sustainability.

I want to support students that are making efforts to positively impact their communities, and to help them think more critically about how they can effect change.

I want to be involved with this program because I want to pass on both my love and knowledge of the Chesapeake Bay to young people and help them to cultivate their own passion for our watershed.

Ways to Volunteer Your Time (Virtual or In-person!)

  • Program Assistance
  • Technical Assistance – Graphics, Videography, Photography, Scientific skills, Legal activities
  • Provide scientific guidance on projects and evaluation
  • Assist with program specific initiatives in Colorado, Montana, Illinois, or the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
  • Judging – provide feedback on student-led Environmental Action Civics projects
  • Mentoring – provide knowledge of watershed or local civic structures and feedback on proposals.
  • Represent Earth Force at a local conference or seminar
  • Get trained in the Earth Force Process
  • Participate in the annual Environmental Action Civics week

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