January 14, 2019


Thousands of organizations are using some form of education to teach young people how to respect and care for the environment. Those organizations are reaching millions of young people each year. In 2017 Earth Force survey a cross section of environmental education organizations and found that while the vast majority of organizations were interested in building the civic skills of their participants, they were looking for additional information and networking to reach that goal. Based on what we learned we have developed a training structure designed to support organizations as they work to expand the civic skills of young people. Through this work we recognize that getting the idea of environmental civics to scale will require more than just Earth Force – it will require a network of like-minded organizations.

Our work with organizations is built around an annual program called the Environmental Action Conference. Organizations join together to deepen their understanding of civic engagement, learn from the successes and challenges of each other, and to take the idea of civic engagement around environmental issues to scale.

Earth Force is currently working with 20 organizations from around the country to adapt our civic engagement process to fulfill their programmatic needs. We are committed to growing that number to 40 organizations by 2021.

If you or your organization is interested in joining us in this effort please contact us at earthforce@earthforce.org.