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We offer training and support around a proven framework to implement Environmental Action Civics to meet your goals and foster authentic youth engagement.

“Earth Force programming allows educators to teach in a way that not only empowers the students to become leaders in their own community, but also allows the educators to participate as facilitators of that knowledge and to nurture a hands-on, minds-on community of learners.”
Tracy Hollis
Formerly with Grand Prairie Independent School District

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A Process to Start

The Earth Force Process is a research-based model to implement Environmental Action Civics. It provides a framework for project-based teaching and learning that can be readily adapted to any age group or topic area, as well as to a range of timeframes for working with students. It is a series of six steps that, taken in sequence, guide you and your students to a civic action project that meets a real community environmental need, is of interest to your students, aligns with your curricular goals, and is feasible to conduct.

. . . Support to Thrive

When you become an Earth Force educator, you become part of a lifelong community. You can join a thriving Community of Practice, where you can connect with other practitioners, deepen your knowledge, and build this field together. Earth Force staff and partners are only an email or phone call away.

Join the Community of Practice

This free community bring together Environmental Action Civics practitioners to share best practices and resources, so that we can strengthen the field and equip young people with the skills and motivation to become environmental decision-makers in their communities.

The community is hosted by Earth Force but driven by members. Members can host events, suggest spaces, add input to the community charter, and more. We are growing together!

Skills-Based Training

Project Management

Facilitate student-led projects, from research to planning to action

Civic Engagement

Help students hone civic skills: asking questions, conducting research, speaking to power, and offering evidence-based solutions to issues 

Course Planning

Integrate student-led projects into the pacing of classes and standards alignment

Student Assessment

Develop and deploy creative student assessment to grade elements of student action projects

Youth-Adult Partnerships

Learn new tools for participating in effective, reciprocal learning with students

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Our training programs are part of ee360+, an ambitious five-year initiative that supports a diverse cadre of environmental education leaders to increase environmental literacy for everyone, everywhere. NAAEE leads the initiative through a cooperative agreement with U.S. EPA and seven partner organizations including Earth Force.

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