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“I’m grateful to be involved in a real opportunity to bring students and environmental issues together to solve problems. It gives us a voice and action in a crazy world.”
Student, Wentzville Middle School
"It's been really powerful seeing students go from passively filling out worksheets to taking ownership over creating their project and using the guidance of experts and research to refine their vision."
Eitan Fire
September High School
"Thanks to Earth Force, there are so many tools and practical resources at our disposal when facilitating student discussions and action-based projects."
Chanel Davis
Austin Youth River Watch


I work with educators

We build the capacity of professional development providers to train and support educators in Environmental Action Civics.

I work with students

We can help you incorporate Environmental Action Civics into your existing curriculum or programs.

I'm interested in youth challenges

We partner with funders to challenge young people to solve environmental problems and compete for grants to implement their ideas.

I'm interested in Environmental Action Civics

Learn more about our efforts to rethink environmental education.


Support & Coaching

We offer research-based coaching and support in Environmental Action Civics. If you're new, check out Earth Force: Discovery sessions! We also offer ongoing support, Challenge-specific sessions, and more.

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