Earth Force seamlessly integrates STEM, skill development, and civic engagement

Our Commitment

There is little doubt that we face environmental challenges on a scale we have not seen before. It is also clear that solving those challenges will require people with a deep understanding of STEM concepts, the ability to apply those concepts to real-world situations, and experience participating in local decision-making. Earth Force is committed to meeting this challenge by ensuring that young people have the knowledge, skills, and motivation to be effective participants who bring their environmental values to public decision-making. To do this we are partnering with school districts, education and environmental organizations to incorporate civic experiences into STEM and environmental education. In creating these programs we are drawing on 25 years of experience and a wealth of research on effective STEM education, youth development, and civic engagement to develop programs that influence how young people are engaged in formal and informal environmental learning. We are working toward a world where everyone has the knowledge and skills they need to participate in environmental decision making in their community.

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