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Are you seeking ways to engage and empower young people but you're not sure where to start?

Every other week, our program team breaks down Environmental Action Civics - the research-based approach to build youth-adult partnerships, help young people be environmental decision-makers, and improve your enjoyment of teaching!

Join Earth Force, the original integrator of civics and environmental education, as we share tips and tricks and interviews with the educators, young people, and funders doing Environmental Action Civics. Episodes are under 20 minutes and full of actionable tips!

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Episode 15: Office Hours (or FAQs and a Warm Hug from Earth Force!)

Take a deep breath. We’re here, answering educator FAQs about implementing Environmental Action Civics! And offering you reassuring advice about process over product. You’re doing awesome!   2:18: How do I balance youth voice with what I need to cover? 4:24: What do I do if I’m on a condensed timeline? 7:23: What if we […]

Episode 014: Inviting the Community into the Classroom With Jamie Breitner

Welcome Field Chats, Environmental Action Civics Essentials Episode 14, brought to you by Earth Force. Today we’re excited to share a new voice with you on the podcast – 10th grade English teacher Jamie Breitner. (Side note: we love featuring Earth Force educators who teach non-environmental subjects! Proof that you can do Environmental Action Civics […]

Episode 013: Rad and Radical: Sharing Power with Youth

Welcome to Field Chats, Environmental Action Civics Essentials, Episode 13, brought to you by Earth Force. We’re excited to ring in 2024 by talking about equity in Environmental Action Civics, and specifically the lens of sharing power with young people. Check out Hart’s ladder of youth involvement here!

Episode 012: Interview with Dr. Tomoko Mori at Tokyo City University

Today we are excited to feature our CEO Vince Meldrum and share a bit about how Environmental Action Civics is being used internationally!  Vince recently traveled to Japan to meet with one of our partners in Japan – Dr. Tomoko MORI, an Associate Professor in Environmental Studies, Tokyo City University. Two years ago, Dr. Mori […]

Episode 011: Become a (Root Cause) Tree Hugger!

Dig into one of Earth Force's most popular resources - the Root Cause Tree! It helps young people dig deeper to identify the true environmental issue they're seeing in their community. Listen this week to learn how to help your students shift their focus to think about the systemic root causes of their concern and how your community is affected.

Episode 010: Live from the field: Pittsburgh Students Tackling Food Waste!

Tune in today for an interview with young changemakers Evie and Charles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These young people, alongside their teacher Daryl Ford at Environmental Charter School, and Sarada Sangameswaran at Communitopia, led the charge to implement a schoolwide composting plan. We can’t wait for you to hear their story. Enjoy!

Episode 009: Problem-Finding? No Problem!

Are your students starting to investigate their community? Let's change from problem-solving to problem-finding! The Earth Force Program Team gives a quick overview of this effective twist on tackling community issues!

Episode 008: Young People Building Resilience in Colorado

Today we are excited to share an interview Earth Force Program Manager Taylor Ruffin did with young changemakers from Estes Park, Colorado. These young people are part of a multi-year effort at their school to build resilience to natural hazards in their community, and we can’t wait for you to hear their story. Enjoy!

Episode 007: The Three Key Experiences Young People Need

We’re so excited to share these key experiences with you – these are the core of Environmental Action Civics. Let us know what you think in the comments! DIG DEEPER: Check out Environmental Action Civics in action on our Youtube channel: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPvWYTH9cDX_k1_aEIjlKmvmvZ573pc0p&feature=shared Create an account to download free Environmental Action Civics resources: https://www.earthforceresources.org TRAIN WITH US If […]

Episode 006: Live with Amelia Bernstein, Earth Force Youth Board Member

Today we’re sharing an interview with Amelia Bernstein. Amelia went through the Earth Force Process as a student with one of our rockstar educators years ago and shares what that experience was like and how it changed her. She is now on our board of directors and attending college. We think you’ll really enjoy hearing her perspective about […]

Episode 005: The research on why Environmental Action Civics works

Today, our program crew will be digging into just a few of the many research articles that back up our Environmental Action Civics approach and our goals for getting youth engaged in environmental decision-making in order to be active and engaged community members now and in the future. Do you know of research that supports this […]

Episode 004: Insider Access to the 2023 Environmental Action Civics Educator Workshop

Today we will be providing you with a little insider access to our annual Educator Workshop! We were joined by two practiced Environmental Action Civics educators: Carmen and Asim. Their experience and insight really helped us craft this workshop to be meaningful for the participants. During today’s episode we will be hearing from the workshop […]

Field Chats Episode 003: The Environmental Action Civics Roadmap

In this episode, our Program Team shares the Environmental Action Civics Roadmap.  The Roadmap is a tool you can use to assess where you’re at in your EAC journey and the possibilities to delve deeper.  Download your copy here! Youth Adult Partnership Youth and adults worked together, in partnership, to choose the issue and strategy and […]

Field Chats Episode 001: Introducing Field Chats with Earth Force

Transcript Hello and welcome to Field Chats: Environmental Action Civics Essentials! My name is Sarah Jennings – I’m the Chesapeake Bay program Manager with Earth Force and I’m here with my colleagues here today for our very first episode of Environmental Action Civics Essentials. Hello everyone I’m Taylor Ruffin the Colorado Program Manager at Earth […]
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