July 6, 2015


We have worked with Brandeis University’s Center for Youth & Communities for 17 years to evaluate our educational model. This process allows us to consistently provide high-quality programming that creates considerable value for communities. Over the last several years we have consistently shown impact on students and educations including: 

Value to Students:
Through the program young people design and implement their own project to address a local environmental issue, gaining hands-on experience in applying what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations:
91% of students show an increase in 21st Century Skills
84% of students show an increase in understanding of environmental issues
77% of students show an increased interest in science

Check out some of our project stories on the map below!

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Value to Educators:
At Earth Force we pride ourselves on providing top quality professional development to educators in a program that can fundamentally change how they approach education:
72% of educators say they become more confident in their ability to teach through authentic experiences
88% of educators say they improved their teaching by being aware of community resources
90% of educators say student decision-making and problem-solving skills improved


Earth Force works with Brandeis University’s Center for Community and Youth to evaluate our programs. The following is a copy of our latest student evaluation data: Earth Force 2018 – 2019 Student Evaluation