July 6, 2015


Earth Force is committed to developing and delivering high quality programming that supports educators and provides opportunities to young people. To this end, we have worked with Brandeis University’s Center for Youth & Communities for 15 years to evaluate our educational model. With the support of the Center for Youth & Communities we have improved our programming using an ongoing process of feedback and reinvention.

This process allows us to consistently provide high-quality programming that creates considerable value for communities. Our 2014-2015 evaluation results show:

  • 91% of students demonstrate increases in 21st century skills such as problem-solving, civic action, and decision-making;
  • 74% of students increase their ability to meet academic standards;
  • 72% of educators notice an increase in their students’ interest in science;
  • 56% of students show an increase in the ability to identify and use the skills needed to make a team work well together;
  • 62% of students show an increase in the ability to “talk to people you don’t know about an issue you think is important;”
  • 88% of educators increase partnerships with organizations in the community; and
  • 98% of educators recommend Earth Force to other educators.




KIC-NET, our hyperlocal urban water education partnership, was recognized by the Change the Equation STEMworks Database as ‘Accomplished,’ identifying the partnership as among the most effective STEM education approaches!