We’re proud of the work we do.

Our educators are rockstars, our partners are groundbreakers, and our students are changemakers.

We’re creating opportunities for young people to engage in civic decision-making around the environment.

The result?

More environmental citizens, stronger civic participation, and real solutions to environmental problems.

But don't take our word for it.

Brandeis University’s Center for Youth & Communities has independently evaluated our work for 18 years.

Build Environmental Citizens

0 %
of students met with school or community leaders to ask them to take action
0 %
of students show an increase in understanding of environmental issues
0 %
are more likely to contact a public official or community leader to advocate for action on an environmental issue in the future

Strengthen Civic Participation

0 %
of educators stated that students’ ability to plan and carry out projects aimed at changing local policies improved
0 %
of educators stated that Earth Force increased their students’ belief that they can make a difference in the community
0 %
of students plan to get involved in community projects in the future

Solve Environmental Problems

Our process results in tangible improvements to the environment. From improving indoor air quality to climate change adaptation, our students are making substantive changes to improve their communities.

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