Igniting Change:
30 Years of Earth Force

Three Decades of

Three Decades of Quality



The Pew Charitable Trusts founded Earth Force.


Created the Earth Force Process

The first of its kind, the Process provides a framework for taking civic action to solve local environmental issues.


Refined Our Process

Through a research project with NOAA, we discovered orientation and capacity barriers amongst organizations trying to implement civics into EE.


Launched Environmental Action Civics

The future of environmental education.


TenFold Strategic Plan

Earth Force launched TenFold, a five-year plan to expand our reach from 15,000 young people a year to 150,000.

Three Decades of Community

What Earth Force is doing is fundamental to getting kids civically active. And watching young people do the Earth Force Process shows an intensity of involvement that is awe inspiring.

Chuck Bennett

Earth Force is an abundance of water in a reservoir for the future.

Beth Sarver

Earth Force has been a part of my life since before I had braces. It has grown to strategically and systematically mobilize multiple stakeholders in creating an environment in which youth and their voices are able to thrive.

Asia Dorsey

Without this, I wouldn’t be thinking about changing this community. Because before, I was thinking this community will never change. Then when Earth Force started, I changed my mind.


The number one strength of Earth Force is growth and encouragement of student voice. Our students have moved from being passive participants in the environment to taking an active interest and role in troubleshooting environmental issues.

Michigan Educator

I’m grateful to be involved in a real opportunity to bring students and environmental issues together to solve problems. It gives us a voice and action in a crazy world.

Colorado Student

In all of my 45 years as an environmental educator, I’ve found that Earth Force provides the best model for engaging young people in community problem solving. It’s also hard work, but the work is worth it for sure!”

Terry Wilson

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Your investment will ensure more young people get the opportunity to flex their civic skills and change their communities!

Earth Force educates the head, the heart, and the hands to help students learn about the environment around them and take action to benefit the larger community.
Cyndi Kahn
Donor/Former Board Chair

Join Us to Celebrate!

September 19 - 5pm ET

30 Years of Transformative Environmental Education through Civic Engagement

Join us for a panel discussion to shine a spotlight on the impact of Earth Force’s focus on integrating civics and environmental education in schools and communities, showcasing Earth Force’s contributions over the past 30 years.

Panelists include:

  • Shannon Sprague, Deputy Director of the NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office
  • Yolanda Pender-Bey, master educator in Chicago, Illinois
  • Brian Brady, Founder & President of Youth Engage Consulting
  • Tamar Datan, Senior Advisor at NPAG
  • Martha Monroe, University of Florida

Moderated by John McFadden, Senior Fellow at the Tennessee Environmental Council

Join us to explore how Earth Force has revolutionized the way young people learn about the environment and fostered active citizenship.

November 14 - 5pm ET

Celebrating Earth Force Youth Trailblazers Past and Present

Join members of Earth Force’s original youth advisory boards and students that have completed projects over the last 5 years to reflect on how participation impacted their lives!


  • Dr. Antonio Gonzales
  • Dr. Bharat Venkat
  • Bridget Baron
  • Anissa Couvillon
  • Anna Brown
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