Episode 014: Inviting the Community into the Classroom With Jamie Breitner

Welcome Field Chats, Environmental Action Civics Essentials Episode 14, brought to you by Earth Force. Today we’re excited to share a new voice with you on the podcast – 10th grade English teacher Jamie Breitner. (Side note: we love featuring Earth Force educators who teach non-environmental subjects! Proof that you can do Environmental Action Civics anywhere!) Jamie uses the Earth Force Process with her students in Colorado and our Program Manager Taylor Ruffin talked with her about how she invites the community into the classroom. Pick up some tips and learn about her connected approach! 

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Hayley Valley, Earth Force's Communications Manager, joined Earth Force in 2010 and has since held too many roles to count - all drawing on her experience in communicating Earth Force's commitment to environmental action civics. When she’s not knee-deep in Google Docs, you’ll find her chasing her two boys around.

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