How we celebrate Valentine’s Day

Love is . . . the start of a movement!

At Earth Force, we celebrate February 14 not with roses, but with remembering the day in 1994 when 20 young people in Earth Force’s first Youth Advisory Board publicly launched the organization at a news conference in Washington, DC.

The board members had a meeting with then-Vice President Al Gore to present the “Plan for the Planet,” an outline of environmental recommendations created by 50 youth delegates from all states.

Three years prior, in 1991, The Pew Charitable Trusts had commissioned a series of consultations with 65 environmental leaders to identify major gaps or needs in the environmental field that were not being adequately addressed. The results showed an optimistic picture: a growing nationwide wave of interest in and commitment to the environment by youth.

Since that day in 1994, Earth Force has kept youth voice at its core. Young people are solving problems, strengthening their civic muscles, and their educators are changing the field. Thank you for supporting Environmental Action Civics for 29 years and beyond!

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Hayley Valley, Earth Force's Communications Manager, joined Earth Force in 2010 and has since held too many roles to count - all drawing on her experience in communicating Earth Force's commitment to environmental action civics. When she’s not knee-deep in Google Docs, you’ll find her chasing her two boys around.

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