Summer Series – Youth in Action: Students Work with County Board on Storm Drain Screen Project

We’re introducing a four-week summer series featuring amazing young people across the country who are leading positive environmental change in their communities. With the support of Earth Force and outstanding local partners, youth learn firsthand what it means to be in the driver’s seat as their communities face the challenges that come from our rapidly[…]

One Month In: A Letter From Our New CEO

To Earth Force Students, Partners, Educators, and Supporters: I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and share with you how excited I am to be here at Earth Force. As you may know, I have worked with Earth Force on and off since 1999. And so, I have had the opportunity to see[…]

Earth Force President and CEO Talks Engaging Young People to Improve the Environment

Adapted from an interview with John Shegerian for Green is Good Radio What is Earth Force working to accomplish? The big vision of Earth Force is a nation where young people are actively involved. They’re sitting at the table and helping to make decisions and positive change in their environment, their communities, and schools. We’ve[…]

Celebrating 25 Years of Watershed Education Through GM GREEN

Partners, educators, Earth Force staff, and General Motors employees from around the U.S. and Canada came together this week to celebrate 25 years of GM GREEN! Key shepherds from throughout the program’s history, including GM GREEN Director Jan Sneddon; Associate Director, Foundation Relations for the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of[…]

Better Together: Earth Force CEO Shares 20 Years of Community Problem-Solving

Sixteen years ago, I was on an academic career path that revolved around finding ways to better engage people in the decisions that shape their communities and that impact their environment, health, and quality of life. I had researched ways to better elicit people’s commitment, energy, and good-thinking, based on what we called the Reasonable[…]

Collaboration Strengthens Long-Running GM GREEN Program

Guest Post by Teri Kline – Manager, Environmental, Facilities, & Materials Policy at General Motors At General Motors, we’re excited to be celebrating two important anniversaries this year with our valued partner Earth Force. The first is the 25th anniversary of GM GREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network), a unique environmental education program that helps[…]

Birthday Reflections

Birthdays present the opportunity to reflect for most, and for Earth Force, it is no different. Our 20th anniversary celebration is happening on September 22, 2014, in Washington, DC, on the Cherry Blossom riverboat (tickets on sale here). With our birthday party one month away, we thought it would be a great time to reflect[…]

Celebrating 20 Years of Collective Impact on the Potomac

As our organization has evolved over the past 20 years, we’ve worked to intentionally build out this idea of Collective Impact. Often, people get the general idea – yeah, let’s come together and make a difference – but what do we really mean when we say Collective Impact? Definition: Collective Impact noun /ke‘lektiv ‘im,pakt/ 1.[…]

International Expansion Marks 25 Years of GM GREENing

For the past 25 years, the General Motors Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN) has engaged young people as active citizens who improve conditions in their watersheds now and in the future. Dr. William Stapp of the University of Michigan founded the GREEN program in 1984. What began as a group of graduate students seeking[…]

A Walk Down Memory Lane

To kick off our anniversary year, I thought we could take a trip down memory lane, celebrating 20 years in the environmental education field. The Earth Force story begins in 1991 when The Pew Charitable Trusts commissioned a series of consultations with 65 environmental leaders in order to identify major gaps or needs in the environmental[…]