Green Schools Conference Coming Soon!

Registration opens on March 8th for the Green Schools Conference, which will be held virtually this year on June 28th-29th. Annually, the conference brings together nearly 1,000 attendees who are critical to advancing green schools for all children—those who lead, design, build, and teach in schools around the world. We wanted to pass along some important deadlines[…]

The Alliance for Student Action

This article is cross posted from the Blue Sky Forum Blog. Over the last few years a growing group of environmental education organizations have come to the conclusion that the scale and complexity of the environmental challenges we face require more than individual stewardship. The problems we face require people from diverse backgrounds, with diverse experiences,[…]

EEAI Offers Earth Force Training in Illinois

We are excited to join EEAI and Field Museum to offer Earth Force Curriculum training to educators in Illinois. The training will prepare educators to use Earth Force’s award-winning  project-based learning curriculum to engage young people as active citizens who improve the environment and their communities now and in the future. The training will prepare[…]