Engaging Youth as Environmental Citizens

Our Programs

We prepare youth to be active participants in addressing environmental challenges so that their communities are resilient today, tomorrow, and throughout their life. Earth Force focuses on three programming areas in 52 communities throughout the U.S. and Canada:



Our Impact

Earth Force engages young people in building communities that are environmentally resilient. Our process of feedback and reinvention allows us to consistently provide high-quality programming that creates considerable value for communities.

  • Civic Skills

    91% of students improve their problem-solving, decision-making, and civic action skills

  • Knowledge

    72% of educators notice an increase in their students’ interest in science

  • Academic Success

    74% of students increase their ability to meet academic standards

  • Partnerships

    88% of educators increase partnerships with organizations in the community


Our Team

Vince Meldrum
Vince Meldrum is an experienced leader with a 25-year history of transforming organizations through program development, innovative technology, and cross-sector partnerships. Vince’s expertise brings Earth Force into the center of the climate resiliency movement. With a specific focus on people, having built several large-scale partnerships, Vince offers a unique perspective on the role of community and youth in the future of our environment.
Donna Power Stowe
Vice President of Programs
Donna Power Stowe’s extensive experience in education – as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, and curriculum developer for several non-profits – allows her to create authentic connections between classrooms and the real-world. Focusing on developing and supporting opportunities for civically engaged youth, Donna understands the importance of youth voice when working to create life-long environmental citizens.
Sarah Pacheco
Vice President of Operations
Sarah Pacheco manages – at both a strategic and operational level – Earth Force’s key administrative functions, overseeing human resources, IT, finances, and business operations. Her role strengthens and aligns administrative and financial functions to ensure Earth Force programming is seamless.
Genora Givens
Partnership Coordinator
Genora Givens’ background in environmental science and social justice equips her with a unique skill set that lends well to creating partnerships throughout North America. She facilitates relationships with schools, nonprofits, universities, and corporations to promote youth civic engagement in environmental issues.
Jennifer Hanson
Grants Manager
Jennifer Hanson has 15 years of experience in nonprofit operations. She ensures all grant and budget requirements are met so that programs run smoothly and efficiently, having the highest possible impact.
Kristen Mueller
Director of Communications
Kristen Mueller leads national communications, creating engagement and excitement around Earth Force, and its partners’, hands on, minds on programming. Specializing in traditional media and social media relations, she brings youth voice and leadership to the forefront of the environmental education field.
Donny Roush
Director of Urban Waters Programs
Donny Roush brings 22 years of experience in environmental education to his work building partnerships that support youth-driven environmental learning. His depth of knowledge around connecting environmental education to learning standards allows him to elevate student learning within the context of the modern classroom.
Jan Sneddon
Director, GM GREEN
Jan Sneddon is a proven relationship builder, having developed and expanded several large-scale national partnerships that engage communities around supporting youth as environmental leaders. She leads our GM GREEN program, which operates in 42 communities throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as the regional Environmental Service-Learning Project in partnership with NOAA.
Hayley Valley
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Hayley Valley provides leadership, coordination, and program development for all of Earth Force’s fundraising efforts, including grant development and individual donations. Her ability to work across all functions of the organization, as well as engage corporations, government agencies, and community partners is a key factor in Earth Force’s continued growth.


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