December 19, 2017


Volunteer for Earth Force, and ignite a passion for the environment in young people. Expert volunteers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in both relevant content areas and in the process skills essential to conducting our programs.

As individual educators implement their Earth Force program with their students, they find the involvement of expert volunteers with their students adds depth and real world experience to the student experience. Students learn first hand from professionals about:

  • assessing or conducting an inventory for environmental issues;
  • specific environmental issues;
  • the importance of having solid information and reasons for making decisions
  • how to identify and contact stakeholders and people about specific policies and practices; and
  • how to develop an effective project action plan.

Opportunities to volunteer with Earth Force include:

  • Supporting a field experience
  • Attending a professional development
  • Providing in-classroom support, whether in-person or virtually
  • Serving as a judge at a Youth Summit

Contact us at to learn more. See our calendar of events for more information on upcoming opportunities. To learn more about where we work, click here.