December 19, 2017


Earth Force offers Train-the-Trainer workshops to environmental nonprofits, government agencies, school districts, and others working with formal and informal educators. Our three-day workshops provide extensive training in action civics, environmental investigation, student-led learning, and the Community Action and Problem Solving Process.

Participants can expect to:

  • Learn the critical skills necessary for supporting community organizations and educators in integrating civic action into their educational experiences
  • Develop an implementation plan that can be put into action following the training
  • Receiving on-going support from Earth Force networks and staff

Upcoming Workshops:

2020 Environmental Action Conference
(Date and Location TBD)

Join Earth Force to learn how to incorporate civic action into local environmental education programming. This three-day workshop provides hands-on training in action civics and environmental investigation through Earth Force’s Community Action & Problem Solving Process. This powerful six-step Process can enhance project-based learning, develop youth voice/choice, and empower students and educators to create meaningful change in their communities. Participants will learn the various steps, be introduced to effective tools and activities, and then practice the Process with peers, addressing topics of environmental concern.  Additionally, conference participants will also broaden their peer network and learn skills to train others in this Process with ongoing support from Earth Force.

Please contact Alyssa McConkey if you have interest in attending or receiving additional information about the 2020 Environmental Action Conference, once available.