December 18, 2017

Teacher Training

Teachers in TrainingAre you interested in fostering education that inspires a lifetime of civic engagement around the environment?

We offer a practical, tested, and scalable framework that informal and formal educators can employ to meet both their curricular needs and foster authentic student engagement.

Our professional development focuses our Community Action and Problem Solving Process, a six-step model that combines the best of civic engagement, environmental education, and STEM. Educators across the country use the Process to transform their science, engineering, math, and humanities classes into exciting, student-led laboratories. Through a mix of in-person and online workshops, professional development attendees gain the skills necessary to facilitate a group of youth as they explore the root causes of a problem, identify barriers to solving the problem, and design and implement a project that addresses the root cause.

Professional development sessions range from half-day trainings to multiple day workshops. Each experience is customized to state standards and content. Educators receive a copy of our Educators Guide, Tips Cards, and  one-on-one or small group follow up from certified trainers at least three times a year. These follow up sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the individual educator.

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100% of educators say the training support gave them practical tools to use to integrate student-driven projects into their classes.

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