December 18, 2017

Educator Training

Do you want to inspire your STEM students to solve real world problems?

This summer, Earth Force is launching a new, innovative approach to professional development. Based on an intensive review conducted by a team of experts, our professional development workshops will now focus on expanding educators’ suite of skills in defined groups (Project Management, Course Planning, Student Assessment, Youth-Adult Partnerships, and Civic Engagement) to produce student outcomes identified in national standards (NGSS, C3, 21st Century Skills, etc.). By focusing on deepening educators’ knowledge of these strategies and their capacity to implement them, our workshops will improve implementation of the Earth Force Process and deepen student learning.

Our professional development focuses on a practical, tested, and scalable framework that informal and formal educators can employ to meet both their curricular needs and foster authentic student engagement.

Our professional development focuses on our Community Action and Problem Solving Process. Educators across the country are using the Process to transform their science, engineering, math, and humanities classes into exciting, student-led experiments in problem-solving. We offer several levels of educator professional development to support your effort.

We are finalizing the dates for 2021. To learn more, contact us at

Hear from one educator: