Summer Series – Youth in Action Part 3: Rochester Brings Girl Power When Investigating Local Water Quality

If you haven’t been following along, so far we’ve featured two amazing groups of young people from Wentzville, MO, and Arlington, VA. Now we turn to the northeast, where two all-girls schools in Rochester, NY, took a unique approach when investigating their environment through GM GREEN. Rochester Brings Girl Power When Investigating Local Water Quality[…]

Are ‘Resiliency Skills’ the Key to Academic, Career, and Life Success?

This week, I came across an article on NPR about the importance of ‘nonacademic’ skills. These skills have been called/can include 21st century skills, grit, character, growth mindset, noncognitive traits and habits, social and emotional skills, and soft skills. We know these ‘nonacademic’ skills are critical to student success, but the educational community struggles to[…]

One Month In: A Letter From Our New CEO

To Earth Force Students, Partners, Educators, and Supporters: I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and share with you how excited I am to be here at Earth Force. As you may know, I have worked with Earth Force on and off since 1999. And so, I have had the opportunity to see[…]

Great Lakes Literacy: Telling Our Story

Guest Post by Ashley Miller Helmholdt, SEMIS Website and Newsletter Content Contributor The Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition (SEMIS Coalition) started out their school year focused on the history of place and its connection to literature and the larger Great Lakes. One of the major focus areas was working with schools to tell their personal story and the[…]

Response: President Issues Earth Day Proclamation

On Wednesday, the President issued an Earth Day proclamation, acknowledging the threat that climate change poses to our planet and future generations. He urged citizens to take action by visiting national parks and proposed $240 million investment towards restoration this year alone. The President reminded us of the first Earth Day, where “having borne witness[…]

Eight YouTube Resources Around Youth Engagement and the Environment

Below are some of Earth Force’s tried and true YouTube resources, as well as a some newer videos, which I uncovered when researching for this post. Feel free to share your own favorite YouTube resources in the comments section. Earth Force in Lake Erie – This video, created by young people, walks through the Earth[…]

Online Resources to Accelerate Youth Engagement

Needing some quick online resources to help you with youth engagement, both in and out of the classroom? We’ve got you covered with eight recommendations below. (Of course don’t forget the Earth Force website. Check out our resources page if you haven’t already.) We’d also love to learn about other resources you may use that[…]

What Motivates Someone to Protect Our Environment?

This week a peer shared a recent New York Times article with me that got me thinking. The premise of the piece questions what drives people to be concerned about our environment. When I asked my coworkers why they cared about our environment, they said things like “It’s the basis of all of society. Without[…]

Walking the Youth Engagement Walk

Last week, Earth Force staff shared some youth engagement tools that can freshen up the way you work with young people. This week, we’re helping others walk the ‘youth engagement walk’ with strategies to authentically engage youth in your work and in your community. Asking for a Young Person’s Perspective: Many times we forget that[…]

The Importance of Storytelling

Earlier this year, GSK committed $500,000 to the Youth-Driven Healthy Recreation Centers Collective, an innovative 18-month partnership supported by a GSK IMPACT Grant and led by LiveWell Colorado. The partnership between GSK and eight nonprofits, including Earth Force, engages youth in three Northeast Denver recreation centers as change agents for a healthier community in NE[…]