Collaboration Strengthens Long-Running GM GREEN Program

Guest Post by Teri Kline – Manager, Environmental, Facilities, & Materials Policy at General Motors At General Motors, we’re excited to be celebrating two important anniversaries this year with our valued partner Earth Force. The first is the 25th anniversary of GM GREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network), a unique environmental education program that helps[…]

Pals in Professional Learning: WestEd and Discovery Place Education Studios

Guest blog post by Staceylyn Machi, professional development specialist in the Understanding Science for Teaching Project at WestEd.  Whether you’re in a sandbox, a school, or an office, everyone needs good pals in life. During the 2014 Next Steps Institute, WestEd will lead the Creating Cross Sector Partnerships to Advance STEM Education pathway. We know from[…]

STEM Evolving in Out-of-School Settings

This week, our partner Afterschool Alliance featured a guest blog post from us about the importance of collaboration between afterschool and in-school educators when working to implement STEM education. The piece is a great reminder that education does not stop once school lets out. Today, we need well-prepared formal and informal educators that are dedicated[…]

Engineering Real World Solutions to STEM Challenges

Guest Post by Dot Moss, academic program director in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Clemson University When I was asked to facilitate a pathway for the 2014 Next Steps Institute focused on engineering and its role within STEM, I wanted to put emphasis on the idea of action. All certified engineering programs at the[…]

STEM Education Now Means a Stronger Workforce Later

STEM. It’s the latest four letter word taking over the nation, creating curiosity and some controversy. Earth Force has particular interest in building STEM engagement for under-served youth, and for good reason: the current opportunities available in today’s workforce point to enormous growth in STEM careers. In recent decades, the U.S. education system has failed[…]

Armed with Resources: Changing the Educational Landscape with STEM

Over the past few months, I’ve been digging into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and what it means for the field of environmental education and service-learning. There are strong correlations around 21st century skills and place-based and inquiry-based learning, but it seems that the resources available around creating effective STEM learning are few and[…]