Successful Colorado Gives Day for Earth Force and Others

Thank you to all of our amazing supporters who contributed to Earth Force during Colorado Gives Day. In total, we raised $15,245! The money raised will go to supporting young people as environmental leaders in their community through programs addressing watershed education, school sustainability, and healthy eating and active living. Overall, Colorado Gives Day raised[…]

Huston, We have a Solution

National Public Works Week kicked off yesterday, May 18. The week works to energize and educate the public on the importance of the contribution of public works to their daily lives: planning, building, managing and operating the heart of our local communities and building the quality of life. Earth Force’s KIC-NET program embodies this mission[…]

From the CEO: Why Does Earth Force Care about Health Equity?

This month, Earth Force received funding to engage young people in addressing health equity issues in their communities. We are very excited about working with some new (and old) partners to provide a platform and opportunity for young people to explore and address issues through this lens, with support from Earth Force’s Health Equity &[…]

Engaging Youth as Citizens Today is Key to a Better Tomorrow

Yesterday, young people in Denver, CO, participated in World Water Monitoring Day, which is part of an international Challenge that encourages public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world by engaging citizens to conduct basic monitoring of their local water bodies. Some may say, “What difference does it make if a handful[…]

Water Knowledge is Student Power

It’s hard to imagine anything more fundamentally important than the water in our communities, which we rely on for drinking, fishing, and swimming. But how many of us really know how healthy it is? Last week, people all over the world looked for answers about the quality of water in their communities as part of[…]

Who Knew a Simple Chocolate Run Could Revolutionize Our Communities

Earth Force recently partnered with the Denver Green School to host the National Student Summit at the Green Schools National Conference. It went really well; in fact, Earth Force has been asked to facilitate the Summit next year. Obviously, this is an exciting opportunity for our organization, but it got me thinking about our larger[…]