Summer Series – Youth in Action Part 3: Rochester Brings Girl Power When Investigating Local Water Quality

If you haven’t been following along, so far we’ve featured two amazing groups of young people from Wentzville, MO, and Arlington, VA. Now we turn to the northeast, where two all-girls schools in Rochester, NY, took a unique approach when investigating their environment through GM GREEN. Rochester Brings Girl Power When Investigating Local Water Quality[…]

Summer Reading Recommendations

We’re only a couple of days away from the official start of summer, meaning it’s a great time to pick up a new book. Here are a few recommendations around youth, civic, and environmental engagement. (Thanks to staffers Kurt Moser and Erika Rodriguez for contributing to this list.) Rambunctious Garden, Emma Marris – A mind-expanding[…]

GM GREEN Program Plays Key Role in GM Sustainability

General Motors released its Sustainability Report for 2014 this May, and it gave a nod to our GM GREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network) program for helping the Fortune 100 company meet its lofty sustainability goals. GM’s commitment to community is evident by their 25+ year investment in GM GREEN, captured in this highlight from[…]

One Month In: A Letter From Our New CEO

To Earth Force Students, Partners, Educators, and Supporters: I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and share with you how excited I am to be here at Earth Force. As you may know, I have worked with Earth Force on and off since 1999. And so, I have had the opportunity to see[…]

Great Lakes Literacy: Telling Our Story

Guest Post by Ashley Miller Helmholdt, SEMIS Website and Newsletter Content Contributor The Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition (SEMIS Coalition) started out their school year focused on the history of place and its connection to literature and the larger Great Lakes. One of the major focus areas was working with schools to tell their personal story and the[…]

Response: President Issues Earth Day Proclamation

On Wednesday, the President issued an Earth Day proclamation, acknowledging the threat that climate change poses to our planet and future generations. He urged citizens to take action by visiting national parks and proposed $240 million investment towards restoration this year alone. The President reminded us of the first Earth Day, where “having borne witness[…]

Walking the Youth Engagement Walk

Last week, Earth Force staff shared some youth engagement tools that can freshen up the way you work with young people. This week, we’re helping others walk the ‘youth engagement walk’ with strategies to authentically engage youth in your work and in your community. Asking for a Young Person’s Perspective: Many times we forget that[…]

Shake Up Your Youth Engagement Efforts With These Resources

At Earth Force, it’s our job to stay on top of the latest and greatest trends around youth engagement. I asked staff to share their favorite youth engagement resource, both new and old. Check out our list below and shake it up with young people in the classroom, afterschool program, or community outreach. Genora, Partnership[…]

KIC-NET Program Flourishes In and Out of the Water

Last Fall, our Keep It Clean – Neighborhood Environmental Trios (KIC-NET) program, which aims to improve water quality by offering educational opportunities to schools located near parks with waterways, expanded to Albuquerque, NM. The Middle Rio Grande was chosen as one of three pilot watershed-based stormwater permit pilots nationwide, which made the community ripe for[…]

Catch Up with Earth Force at the Green Schools National Network conference

The Green Schools National Network conference is fast approaching. The largest gathering of green schools advocates will descend upon Virginia Beach, VA, on March 4-6, 2015. During the conference, there will be two opportunities to engage with Earth Force: Fostering Powerful Green School Networks through Collective Impact & Youth Engagement Weaving Networks and Building Partnership[…]