June 11, 2015



GSC_Color_Logo A Sustainable Society Starts with Schools


GreenSchoolsConnect engages sustainability experts to mentor teams of faculty, staff, and students as they lead sustainability initiatives in Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.04.42 AMtheir school districts. Working at a regional level, GreenSchoolsConnect convenes and facilitates a year-long Collaboratory to:

  • increase participants’ environmental sustainability leadership skills,
  • expand their professional networks, and
  • provide the tools and coaching necessary to effect systemic change within schools and school districts.

Through GreenSchoolsConnect, school districts have opportunities to address district-wide energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction, resulting in direct cost savings and an improved learning environment.


GreenSchoolsConnect provides a valuable resource for advancing collaborations around whole-school sustainability and helps strengthen the emerging networks surrounding the Green Schools Movement. Sustainability, when applied institutionally within a school district, is more than being cognizant of our environmental, social, and economic impacts; it’s also an opportunity to harness talent, and foster innovative thinking, which in turn leads to student enrichment as well as the conservation of taxpayer dollars.” 

Jothsna Harris – MN GreenCorps Energy Conservation Member, ISD 191


Regional Launch Event

A Regional Cohort of 65-80 participants meet for a two-day Launch Event to build relationships, share knowledge and resources, identify sustainability projects, and develop action plans.

The participation of cross-functional teams from school districts, including young people, is critical, as successful implementation of sustainability policies and practices requires the engagement of administrators, educators, students, parents, and other school staff including facility, nutrition, and transportation.

  • Day 1: Participants are trained in the Community Action and Problem-Solving Process, youth engagement, change leadership, sustainability/science content, and explore case studies from corporate participants. Participants will spend time in Affinity Groups – participants with similar roles from all districts will discuss challenges and opportunities.
  • Day 2: Students join the adults and each district team creates a 12-month action plan to implement their project to improve sustainability in their district.


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Registration Cost for Launch Event + Year-Round Collaboratory

School Districts . . . . . . . . . . . . . $750 per district (up to 6 adults and 4 students per team)

Charter/Private School . . . . . . .  $200 per school (up to 2 team members)


Check out the GreenSchoolsConnect brochure for more information.

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