January 11, 2019


Earth Force has over 20 years of experience in supporting educators and administrators as they employ authentic experiences to teach STEM concepts and content. Our approach has been recognized by outside evaluators as an exemplary way to engage students in the kind of real-world STEM lessons they need to be successful in college, careers, and as participants in their local community.

We offer three products that can be combined or employed individually as needed to integrate action strategies into schools. Employed together, our approach supplements a district’s current programs to create and support active learning environments in middle school classrooms.

District Support

Earth Force works closely with districts to integrate our framework into their middle school curriculum. Our approach is to work with districts to adapt our framework to meet the learning needs of their students. In that way our approach supplements a district’s current work rather than supplants or replaces that effort.

Educator Professional Development

Earth Force provides on-site and regional professional development in our Community Action and Problem-Solving Process, a six-step model that combines the best of civic engagement, environmental education, and STEM. Educators across the country use the Process to convert their science, engineering, math, and humanities classes into transformative learning environments.

School Capacity Building

Research has consistently shown that changing educator practice requires support within buildings for educators as they test new strategies and alter their approach. Based on our work with schools across the country we offer a simple approach to building the capacity of your school to support action-based strategies.