August 21, 2019

RISE Challenge Colorado: Resources

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RISE Challenge Colorado Resources

Here you will find RISE Challenge Colorado resources for getting started. We have organized the resources in three categories: Essential RISE Challenge Documents, Recommended Timeline, and Natural Hazard Education Resources. If you have trouble accessing any of these documents or require additional support, please contact Justin Zakoren.

Essential RISE Challenge Documents

  1. RISE Challenge Registration Form
  2. RISE Challenge Summit Registration & Proposal Submission Form
  3. Project Implementation Support Request
  4. RISE Challenge Written Proposal Judging Rubric
  5. RISE Challenge Proposal Writing Guide
  6. Photo Release Form 

Example RISE Challenge Project Timeline*


  1. Attend an optional Earth Force Professional Development workshop
  2. Develop a classroom implementation plan

August – December

  1. Work with students to identify environmental hazards in your community
  2. Choose and research key issues
  3. Connect with experts to discover root causes
  4. Decide on one issue to explore
  5. Take advantage of ongoing Earth Force Professional Development opportunities

January – April

  1. Decide on a project to address the chosen issue
  2. Develop proposal for action
  3. Take advantage of ongoing Earth Force Professional Development opportunities
  4. Submit your project proposal any time before March 12, 2021


  1. Start implementation of action project
  2. Attend the RISE Challenge Colorado Summit (May 6, 2021) to present your project
  3. Celebrate!
*Actual project development time varies depending on learning scenario (e.g., number of instruction days per week, length of class, teacher experience and practices, community support). On average, RISE Challenge projects take 20 – 30 days through entire Process. 

Natural Hazard Education Resources

RISE Challenge Educator Resources

Curriculum Links


Maps For Understanding Natural Hazard Risk