July 16, 2015

Professional Development

All of our programs employ our award winning Community Action and Problem Solving Process.

The Community Action and Problem Solving Process is a six-step model that combines the best of civic engagement, environmental education, and STEM. Youth work together through educator facilitation to design and implement a project to explore root causes and address a policy or practice related to the environmental issue that they identify in their community. Earth Force’s focus on civic engagement helps learners to become active participants in their communities by conducting balanced research, building strong community partnerships, and making decisions as a democratic group.

Earth Force provides professional development around the Process for our partners and for formal and informal educators who want to integrate civic and environmental action into their classroom.

The Process takes students through:

Educators across the country use the Process to teach science, engineering, math, and humanities to their students. Earth Force and its partners prepare educators through a blended learning professional development program designed to train and support educators as they help students master science concepts by applying what they learn in the classroom to the problems they find in their communities. Local organizations play a key role in connecting educators to the community, creating hands-on learning experiences, and serving as experts in the local issues.