bridging civics and ee

Environmental Action Congress:
An event to make you an environmental action civics pro


Join a community of practice around environmental action civics


Learn a model to empower youth to change policies and practices


Receive financial support to take this work into your community


Unlock exclusive ongoing support from the Earth Force team

Put action into your program

Learn how to implement and facilitate environmental action civics to promote student-led civic action in various educational settings. 

You’ll build your capacity to support educators in integrating student action projects into existing programming. Get ready for all the best practices to cultivate youth-adult partnerships while maintaining the ability to meet learning goals.

The 2022 Congress is in the works – click here to join the waiting list.

Walk away with a plan

You’ll develop the skills necessary for facilitating professional development of student-led civic action. Learn what’s working and what’s not from peers and mentors and develop your own plan of action.

We’re with you – always

You are committed and so are we. You’ll get a full year of unlimited support from the Earth Force team. Questions? We’re here and ready to help.


Who should attend?

Are you part of the team at an environmental education organization? We’d love to have you! Click here to join the waiting list for 2022.

Is funding really available?

Yes! This work – changing how we teach this field – takes time, money, and support. We’ll help you with all three. Stipends are available for the integration of Environmental Action Civics into your programming after attending. 

Is this another boring conference?

Little known fact: we’re allergic to boring professional development here at Earth Force. Somehow we’ve cracked the code into hosting an invigorating, funny, and actually useful event.

Can I sponsor the event?

Is the sky blue? Sure! We always welcome like-minded partners. Contact us for sponsorship packages. And speaking of sponsors, a huge thanks to our variety of funders including the U.S. EPA, the Bezos Family Foundation, and Chipotle.

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