November 13, 2014

Board of Directors

John Vogel, Board Chair

Natural Resource Planning Services, Inc., San Antonio, FL

Term Ends: 09/2019


J. Zoe Beckerman, JD MPH, Vice Chair

Zoe Beckerman Consulting LLC, Washington, DC

Term Ends: 12/2018


Kit Ambrose, Treasurer

Former IT Consulting Professional

Term Ends: 12/2020


Bridget Burnell

General Motors, Detroit, MI

Term Ends: 12/2020


Dr. Jonathan Essoka*

U.S. EPA, Philadelphia, PA

Term Ends: 12/2017


Michael Evans

Vines of Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina

Term Ends: 12/2019


Ana Humphrey

Student, Alexandria, VA

Term Ends: 12/2019


Vince Meldrum

Earth Force, Denver, CO

No term limit


Jeremy Nicholas

First Western Trust, Denver, CO

Term Ends: 12/2017


Sarah Pacheco**

Earth Force, Denver, CO

Term Ends: 12/2020


With the exception of Earth Force’s CEO, board members are independent, voting members. Please click here to view our conflict of interest policy. Three-year terms begin with the January annual meeting of the following year. Board members can commit to another term at that time.


*Dr. Essoka participates in Earth Force in his individual capacity, and not as a representative or employee of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

** Participates Ex Officio