Need tips on how to teach students to take environmental action? Trying to find a nonprofit organization in Denver? We’ve got answers!

1. Where is Earth Force located?

Earth Force is a nonprofit organization in Denver. Our staff works primarily virtually and we serve the entire United States. Learn more about our staff here.

2. How do I work with an environmental education nonprofit or environmental education organization?

If you work directly with students, click here. If you train educators click here. And if you’re interested in our approach generally, click here.

3. What is Environmental Action Civics?

This is Earth Force’s model. It is a youth-centered, standards-aligned approach that guides students as they learn about their environment and gives them the opportunity to take civic action to address problems they find. Learn more here.

4. What is Caring for Our Watersheds?

Caring for Our Watersheds Chesapeake Bay is an opportunity for students to submit the most creative, thought-provoking, and innovative ideas to improve their watershed. Learn more here.

5. What is the RISE Challenge?

The RISE Challenge is an opportunity for youth to take civic action to improve community resilience to natural disasters. Learn more here.

6. Are you Earthforce or Earth Force?

We’re Earth Force!

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