Changes to Earth Force tools, materials, and professional development in response to COVID-19

Tools & Materials

With the world in its current state, Earth Force has engaged a group of classroom educators and pedagogical experts to think deeply on how to engage students in Project-Based Learning (PBL) experiences in a distance or disrupted learning environment.

The product of this work is our new Distance Learning Supplement! Packed full of helpful tools and methods, specifically for distance learning, this document is meant to support Earth Force educators navigate the upcoming school year. You can also check out our Resources website where you can find materials to help you get through individual steps to Earth Force.

When polled, over 70% educators continued Earth Force through the end of last school year. We are hoping that this document will make it even easier for educators to work in a distance learning or hybrid learning environment.

Professional Development for Distance-Learning

This summer, Earth Force launched a new, innovative approach to professional development. Based on an intensive review conducted by a team of experts, our professional development workshops focus on expanding educators’ suite of skills (Project Management, Course Planning, Student Assessment, Youth-Adult Partnerships, and Civic Engagement) needed to produce the outcomes they want for their students.

If you have wondered how project-based strategies can build tangible student skills or have wished you could engage your students in authentic issues impacting their lives – these workshops are for you.

The workshops combine synchronous and asynchronous learning and engages educators in the design of tools to use in their classroom and online.

This innovative approach to learning is different than what you will find at any other PBL organization. Here’s why:
– Focuses on skills educators need to facilitate student-driven learning
– Provides structure for synchronous and asynchronous student guided learning
– Focuses students on taking civic action to improve their community
– Short sessions with time to plan and reflect
– Short sessions provided over time increase between-session learning
– Designed to support participants learning from one another
– Easier to fit into your schedule
– Designed specifically for virtual classrooms
– Provides tools to support asynchronous discussion and decision making
– Draws out student passions to drive learning
– Leverages students’ passions to drive learning
– Builds students’ sense of self-efficacy to deal with unknown problems