January 11, 2019

District Support

Aligning curriculum, instruction, teacher professional development, and support services across schools and grades within a district is incredibly important to any effort to prepare students for college and careers. We can support your efforts to align your curriculum, training, and outside support structures.


We will work closely with your district team, serving as a strategic thought partner to:

Coaching launches with a one day planning session for District leaders, curriculum team members and select educators. This event will include:

  • Overview of Earth Force and identify the needs of team members.
  • Develop a multi-year plan to align curriculum, educator professional development, and classroom instruction to supportEarth Force in your District.
  • Identify “anchor points” where Earth Force can fill existing curricular and programmatic needs in your school district.
  • Develop plans to work with non-academic elements (facilities, nutrition, community partners) to support students projects.
  • Deepen curricular connections by engaging members of each science educator’s cross curricular team.

Our District implementation also includes ongoing support including:

  • Onsite visits to help district and school leaders.
  • Online materials available for access at any time.
  • Webinars to engage with other districts leaders from across the country and learn from others.

To learn more, contact us at earthforce@earthforce.org.