Earth Force on Fairfax Public Access

Earth Force CEO Vince Meldrum was featured on Fairfax Virginia’s Public Access TV last weekend to discuss the Student Environmental Action Summit (SEAS). SEAS is a collaborative event among environmental education organizations in the Northern Virginia area. The event serves as a home for our Chesapeake Bay Watershed Caring for our Watersheds finals. SEAS is[…]

Summer Series – Youth in Action Part 4: Lanier Middle School Reduces Waste Through Drinking Fountains

So far, we’ve seen young people work with the local county board on a storm drain project, team up with the Board of Alderman to raise litter awareness, and bring the girl power when investigating local water quality. This week, we learn more about a group of middle school students that are tackling waste reduction in[…]

Ah-Ha Moments

At Earth Force, young people work hard to identify critical issues in their community and develop innovative and sustainable solutions. Once they have taken action, many want to wipe their hands, hang up the tools, and call it a day. But wait! Part of the power of high quality service-learning is looking back, from community[…]