January 11, 2019

Capacity Building

Research has consistently shown that changing educator practice requires support within buildings for educators as they test new strategies and alter their approach. Based on our work with schools across the country we offer a simple approach to building the capacity of your school to support Great Challenges Learning.

School-Wide Planning Session

Launch with a full day planning workshop that is designed to engage a cross section of the school audience (administrators, department heads, facilities staff, educators and students). At that session we will:

  • Understand what high quality Earth Force is, how it will impact classroom activities, and how staff outside of the classroom can support educators and students.
  • Identify “anchor points” whereEarth Force fill curricular needs, compliment existing school-wide or department initiatives, and/or fills gaps in school-wide efforts.
  • Begin planning the logistics of the Earth Force beginning at the identified “anchor points”

Ongoing Support

  • Support in integrating Earth Force with other school-wide initiatives and goals.
  • Support in scanning local community to understand issues affecting residents and business (ex. Stormwater runoff and its impact on community flooding) and identifying ways to bring that back into the classroom.

To learn more, contact us at earthforce@earthforce.org.