May 14, 2018

Join the Board of Directors

Changemakers.     Partners.     Innovators.


Join the Earth Force Board of Directors and become part of a team of diverse national leaders, each committed to bringing environmental civic problem-solving to every student.

Earth Force’s board is different. Our directors steer an organization that reaches students and educators in 120 communities across the United States and Canada. And yet, our small size means directors know each staff member and have a firsthand perspective of how we engage communities.

By joining the Board, you’re supporting students as they create real change, right now. After Earth Force, 83% of students report they now know how to work with others to solve an environmental problem in the community.

Your Role

  • Provide strategy, fresh ideas, and direction
  • Participate in quarterly virtual meetings
  • Meet in person biannually
  • “Give” to and “get” funds for Earth Force

For membership inquiries, email Vince Meldrum at