Importance of a Youth Environmental Movement

“Without a youth movement, you really have no environmental movement at all.”

That is the kick off statement from a recent interview of the President and CEO of Earth Force, Vince Meldrum. The interview was a part of USGBC’s Living Standard project. The thinking behind the statement is simple. The environmental challenges we face as a country and a world have taken hundreds of years to accumulate and will take a long time to address. Our best hope to make a lasting impact is to engage young people now in making and influencing the policies and practices that govern their communities. This experience

Nonetheless, our movement often looks at young people as the willing hands of trail cleanups or to listen to others speak about weighty issues like climate change. But the truth is that young people can and should have a seat at the table as we discuss issues that will impact our planet. Our best hope to make a lasting impact is to engage young people now in making and influencing the policies and practices that govern their communities. It us through this experience that we will build the skills and motivation young people will need to remain engaged for a lifetime.

We see amazing young people who are making a difference in their community everyday. If you have a few minutes you can take a look at a small sample of the stories of young people making a difference that we hear about all of the time. We promise you will be surprised and excited to see what they are doing.

Author: Vince Meldrum – Earth Force President/CEO

Vince Meldrum is an experienced leader with a 25-year history of transforming organizations through program development, innovative technology, and cross-sector partnerships. Vince’s expertise brings Earth Force into the center of the climate resiliency movement. With a specific focus on people, having built several large-scale partnerships, Vince offers a unique perspective on the role of community and youth in the future of our environment.