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Almost everyday someone asks us why we believe building the environmental civic skills of young people is important right now. I mean there are all kinds of environmental problems right on our front door – wouldn’t we be better served by focusing on any one of those than trying to prepare young people? We believe that answer is short-sighted. The environmental issues we are all so worried about are intergenerational challenges. While we can work hard to limit and address the environmental problems we see everyday – our children and grandchildren are going to be addressing those shame challenges long after we are gone. Our President was recently interviewed about this topic – take a look:

It is because these problems are intergeneration that we are committed to preparing young people to be civically involved in environmental issues after we are gone. We don’t have to chose between fixing the environmental problems that plague us today or preparing young people to use the levers of democracy to solve problems in the future. Both are imperative.

As we say at Earth Force, “An environmental movement without a youth strategy is no movement at all.”

Author: Vince Meldrum – Earth Force President/CEO

Vince Meldrum is an experienced leader with a 25-year history of transforming organizations through program development, innovative technology, and cross-sector partnerships. Vince’s expertise brings Earth Force into the center of the climate resiliency movement. With a specific focus on people, having built several large-scale partnerships, Vince offers a unique perspective on the role of community and youth in the future of our environment.