Online Resources to Accelerate Youth Engagement

Needing some quick online resources to help you with youth engagement, both in and out of the classroom? We’ve got you covered with eight recommendations below. (Of course don’t forget the Earth Force website. Check out our resources page if you haven’t already.) We’d also love to learn about other resources you may use that aren’t listed here. Share them in the comments section!

National Action Civics Collaborative – This collaborative, which Earth Force is a part of, highlights resources aimed at closing the civic engagement gap by implementing Action Civics—student-centered, project-based, high-quality civics education—as a critical component in every school and youth organization throughout the country.

Edutopia – This site is dedicated to all things education so that students can thrive in their studies, careers, and adult lives. They have many resources geared towards project-based learning, as well as student engagement.

NOAA Education – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shares great education resources around how to incorporate the real life data they gather into the classroom. They also have some exciting student opportunities.

National Youth Leadership Council – NYLC aims to transform classrooms, empower teachers, and captivate students through service-learning. Their site features a great blog focused on youth engagement, as well as in-depth information around implementing service-learning in different contexts.

Youth Service America – This organization believes in youth changing the world. (We couldn’t agree more!) Check out their site for access to a handful of free toolkits, many of which are in four different languages, as well as funding/grant opportunities.

The Forum for Youth Investment – The Forum launched a campaign called Ready by 21©, which provides strategies that help communities and states improve the odds that all youth will be ready for college, work, and life. Their toolkits take the approach of whole communities.

Greening Forward – This nonprofit is run by a team of young people, including their CEO. While they offer many environmentally focused resources, there are several powerful speeches and blog posts focused on the power of youth.

Mikva Challenge – Mikva Challenge’s website offers resources aimed at developing youth to be informed, empowered, and active citizens and community leaders. They have a slew of resources around specific issues, engaging in government, and news literacy.