GM GREEN Kicks Off in British Columbia and Texas

GM GREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network) water monitoring kicked off this spring in Langley, British Columbia and Arlington, Texas. Through the program, young people work with engineers from General Motors to conduct water quality monitoring and use their findings to create lasting solutions for pressing water quality issues in their community. Students in each[…]

Big News from Earth Force: Vince Meldrum Announced as New President/CEO

Earth Force is excited to announce Vince Meldrum as its new President and Chief Executive Officer. Meldrum will replace former President/CEO Lisa Bardwell, who is moving to a part-time support role. “Vince is a proven leader with outstanding nonprofit leadership skills, business vision, and the ability to bring people together,” says Murray Rosenberg, Earth Force[…]

Why Do Civic Skills Matter in STEM?

When you hear STEM, what necessary skills automatically pop into your mind? My guess would be science, technology, engineering, and math. And that answer would be correct. Take engineers at a wastewater treatment plant for example: when they are assessing the quality of a local body of water, they need to use technology to gather[…]

Online Resources to Accelerate Youth Engagement

Needing some quick online resources to help you with youth engagement, both in and out of the classroom? We’ve got you covered with eight recommendations below. (Of course don’t forget the Earth Force website. Check out our resources page if you haven’t already.) We’d also love to learn about other resources you may use that[…]

What Motivates Someone to Protect Our Environment?

This week a peer shared a recent New York Times article with me that got me thinking. The premise of the piece questions what drives people to be concerned about our environment. When I asked my coworkers why they cared about our environment, they said things like “It’s the basis of all of society. Without[…]