Working Collectively to Change STEM Education

This week, stakeholders from across the country came together in Washington DC to work on advancing STEM education at the Next Steps Institute. With folks from Colorado, Alabama, Michigan, Arizona, and across the eastern seaboard, we saw the powerful impact of working together towards a common goal. Cindy Hasselbring, the Special Assistant to the State[…]

The Power of People in Collective Impact

Having worked within a Collective Impact framework for the past four years, one thing has become apparent: it’s about people. The Stanford Social Innovation Review released an interesting article in Fall 2014 about the necessity of mindset shifts in addition to the five conditions of Collective Impact: a common agenda, shared measurement, mutually reinforcing activities,[…]

Better Together: Earth Force CEO Shares 20 Years of Community Problem-Solving

Sixteen years ago, I was on an academic career path that revolved around finding ways to better engage people in the decisions that shape their communities and that impact their environment, health, and quality of life. I had researched ways to better elicit people’s commitment, energy, and good-thinking, based on what we called the Reasonable[…]

Announcing the Inaugural Class of Friends of the Force

At Earth Force, we work to ensure young people get to develop and practice leadership skills and civic responsibility, addressing problems in their communities and working in partnership with others to create effective, sustainable solutions. We recently launched an exciting new initiative, Friends of the Force, as a way of meaningfully engaging and developing young[…]