June 10, 2015


Earth Force offers four water-focused programs that incorporate the Community Action and Problem-Solving Process to lead young people through investigation to action around their communities waterways:


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The Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN) creates opportunities for young people to learn more about the watersheds they live in and to use what they learn to create lasting solutions for pressing water quality issues. The program engages young people to be knowledgeable about watersheds and their problems, to have the skills to solve those problems, and to be motivated to work toward a solution. Through GREEN, Earth Force, local environmental organizations, and mentors at General Motors share a commitment to increasing civic engagement, improving the quality of education, and protecting the environment.

River Watch Colorado

River Watch is a statewide volunteer water quality-monitoring program operated by Earth Force in cooperation with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). Through River Watch, volunteers monitor water quality and other indicators of watershed health and utilize the high quality data they gather to educate citizens and inform decision makers about the condition of Colorado’s waters.


Public Works logo_March 2013_websizeKIC-NET (Keep It Clean – Neighborhood Environmental Trios)  engages youth in improving urban waterways. Through partnerships with government agencies, businesses, schools, and local parks, students explore root causes of stormwater runoff in their neighborhoods and develop sustainable solutions. The program provides an innovative way to meet a city’s stormwater permit requirements, offering real-time responses to rapid increases in runoff pollution from our changing climate.

Caring for Our Watersheds

agrium-logoCaring for Our Watersheds is an environmental educational competition, sponsored by international agriculture company Agrium, that encourages creativity and rewards students for the solutions they identify.

The program highlights the students and the schools who submit the most creative, thought-provoking, and innovative ideas and provides funding that supports putting their ideas into action. Earth Force students in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC present their ideas at an annual Youth Summit to compete for implementation funding and community mentorship to turn their ideas into realistic solutions.