Earth Force Launches a New Dynamic Website

We unveiled a new website over the weekend, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation. Our goal with this new site is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about Earth Force’s motivations and programming. Three things you’ll love about our new website: Our new dynamic homepage gives visitors a quick[…]

Four Ways to Incorporate Technology into Learning

This week I read an article from Education Week about how Millennials know how to use technology, but they don’t know how to solve problems with it. This is an interesting dilemma that is becoming more and more common as access to technology grows. With that said, there’s an important point to be made: Bringing[…]

Summer Series – Youth in Action Part 5: Youth Work with Local Media to Address a “Smelly Situation” in the Rio Grande

This week, we’re learning about young people in Albuquerque, NM, who worked with the local media to educate residents about a “smelly situation” affecting the Rio Grande. At Coronado Elementary, a dual language school near the Albuquerque National Hispanic Cultural Center, 1st graders teamed up with 5th graders to investigate water quality at the bosque[…]

Summer Series – Youth in Action Part 4: Lanier Middle School Reduces Waste Through Drinking Fountains

So far, we’ve seen young people work with the local county board on a storm drain project, team up with the Board of Alderman to raise litter awareness, and bring the girl power when investigating local water quality. This week, we learn more about a group of middle school students that are tackling waste reduction in[…]

Summer Series – Youth in Action Part 3: Rochester Brings Girl Power When Investigating Local Water Quality

If you haven’t been following along, so far we’ve featured two amazing groups of young people from Wentzville, MO, and Arlington, VA. Now we turn to the northeast, where two all-girls schools in Rochester, NY, took a unique approach when investigating their environment through GM GREEN. Rochester Brings Girl Power When Investigating Local Water Quality[…]